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My Favorite Items 

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Travel Essentials

These are the things I NEVER leave home without! 

 Earplugs!  Soft earplugs that don't hurt your years when sleeping.  You never know if someone is going to snore on the plane, or how loud a hotel may be.  I ALWAYS carry 3 pairs just case I lose them.  

 Sleep Mask!  Again, you never know if you'll need this!  I am such a light sleeper and I love to use this mask.  I've been using it for YEARS (yes I've had to replace it, but I always buy the same one!  It has eye pockets so there is no pressure on your eyes, making it so much easier to get to sleep! 

 Money Belt.   I finally had to replace mine after 10 years of traveling - it was getting gross, but I replaced it with the same one because it's durable, lightweight, and super easy.  

 Anti-theft purse.  This stylish and sleek purse also has a number of anti-theft protections- including being a slash-proof strap.  Bonus, there's even a pocket for your water bottle! 

Wet wipes.  There's so much research that shows the dirtiest place on a plane is the headrest and tray table.  Packing a small pack of wet ones to disinfect those areas will help you rest better on the plane.  

Liquid Bottles - These refillable bottles can be used over and over again for travel. They're sturdy and fit FAA requirements.  Makes it easy to bring your favorite body wash with you 

International Travel Adapter - Can't and DON'T leave home without this.   They are SO much more expensive at an airport than they are online.  This one is so compact and has usb ports to charge devices directly! LOVE it! 

Eco-Friendly Travel Items

We can all do our part to lessen our strain on the environment - these items are all friendly to the environment.  Bonus - some of them don't count as liquids for your carry on! 

Solid Shampoo Bar & Conditioner Bar  - ditch the plastic bottles that hold shampoo & conditioner and go for the solid shampoo.  Ethique has a few different types of shampoo for different types of hair.  

Toothpaste Tabs - it'll take a little while to get used to the non-chemical feel on your teeth, but this 0 waste company is working to lessen the millions of toothpaste tubes thrown away each year.   The glass jar is refillable and the wrapping is all recyclable.  

Foldable, Reusable Water Bottle - Not only is this great for the environment by saving plastic, but it's also foldable saving you space, and it'll save you money from buying water while traveling.  

Reusbale, Folding Straw - Save something as small as a straw from going into our oceans with this.  It even folds to fit in your purse or pocket! 

Packing Essentials

I'm always looking for ways to pack smarter or lighter - here are my essentials for achieving just that! 

Packing cubes - I used to think these were just a waste of space in a tight fit already, but they help organize clothes and make it SO much easier to find things.  They have a variety of colors available too! 

Washing Bag - One way to save on space in your luggage is simple, bring fewer clothes.  But how to save money and not do laundry through a hotel?  This!   Simple, compact, travel washing bag! 

First Aid Kit - Ever been traveling with a  blister?  It sucks!  Having a first aid kit will help deal with any minor injuries and annoyances.  Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.  

Gadgets & Gizmos

Gadgets and gizmos that can make the trip more fun or relaxing.  Some of them are unique ways to bring the memories home.  

Kindle -  I love having a kindle on my travels.  Reading is a great way to pass the time while waiting, or traveling. The Kindle Paperwhite is also easy on the eyes instead of a regular screen.   

Gimbal - This device is something out of Star Wars!  A great way to take video and photos while traveling.  

Photography Drone - We love our DJI Spark Drone.  This drone is super stable and easy to use (even for people like me who get nervous with something so high in the air).  It gives amazing aerial shots that we wouldn't be able to get otherwise.

Portable Chargers - There's nothing worse than running out of battery on your cell phone while traveling.   We are an Anker household and LOVE them. They are small and compact, yet powerful.  The small ones typically have 2 full charges and the large one has 4.  

This is  always a good thing to have on trips. 

Extra Memory Cards - You never know if one will get lost or wet, or damaged, or not able to read (ALL of which have happened to me!) So always pack an extra one (or two)